Who agrees it would be better to ignore "questions" that ask nothing?

    I open them to see if the question follows something like "I'm here" or "Hello". It rarely does so I ignore them, if it is unanswered. Too many members respond with "Welcome" or "What is your question?" and any answer encourages people to waste our time. If they do have a question they are registered and can post again, properly.

    Most never return, having got the attention they were seeking.

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    I'm in.

    me three!
    Better or easier? Whichever is better for you.

    On the other hand, there are those that stick around and continue to ask questions that irritate, you know, the ones with the minus figure karma. And then they vote down your sincere answers, just to irritate you even more.

    Makes me wish they would "never return" also.

    I've experienced the time-wasting sensation-seekers most, and they are the ones relatively easy to spot. It would be such a help if nobody encouraged them with a response.

    Most, not all obviously, of the few that return to comment on answers often have a genuine problem and I'm happy to stay with their question, or keep coming back to it.

    I know many members are retired and this site is company... they do help others, often, and they have fun. I work full-time and I'm sure I'm not the only one to resent the waste of my time when I could have been answering something else... or even having a break and some fun too.

    The question I asked, for fun, about if you had three wishes what would they be, got more answers and viewings than any other I've posted... and that was pure fun. I'd had a bad day, which members ended right then with clever or funny answers.

    I'll try to remember that suliz. Having a wonderful question that brings everyone out of the woodwork to answer it is the best fun of all. I'll have to put on my thinking cap and see if I can come up with one that popular (probably not).

    It took me ages to think of a question purely for fun... and I don't think I could do it now.

    I offered to mark the best answer, which came from Flip, but to TU all the good efforts... back then, a few days ago... I could give TU without wondering when I was going to run out.

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