Is there proof that any one has ever come back after dying....

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    My best friends Grandmother died. She was put in open casket in a Chapel. People were standing in line to pay theire respects. My girlfriends mother was standing at the left side of the casket. She was weeping and hugging her mother, when suddenly her mother opened her eyes and tried to sit up. There was mayhem everywhere. Everyone falling over one another, because they thought it was her spirit. When she said "Where am I " we all knew that somehow she had come back from the dead.She lived another 5 years before she died and this time did not come back.So I have to say yes to your Question, because I have seen it with my own eyes.
    ole hipster

    I don't understand this (although I'm not disputing it) but I thought you were embalmed before being put into a casket. This was not the case with her??

    No. This happened over 60 years ago in a small Village in Germany. I was A cild then. I know when my Grandmother died 20 years later she was embalmed.
    Jesus had proof. Over 500 people saw Him after He rose again. faith measurable proof ?

    I have my proof,you have to find your own..if i told you my proof,you would not believe me..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Dude I believe you because ANYTHING is possible on this planet!!! ANYTHING bro! ;)
    terryfossil 1


    Bro is commonly used here in Canada as a sign of comradery or even solidarity... is this not used in Australia? I'm pretty sure it is actually more common around the biker community up here's short for 'brother' ! And again I believe that anything is possible on this crazy planet!

    and Bro is commonly used here in the U.S. too. In Hawaii, they call each other '' Brah ''. It means the same thing.
    terryfossil 1

    G'day Lindy,Kiwis use the word (bro) all the time,.but it is not an Aussie slang.we have a lot of Kiwis in this country,the joke in NZ is the last one to leave turns out the lights,,..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    LoL That's good ... I may use it sometime! ;D

    Defining death will help you answer this question. I think some of the examples are proof enough. A couple people I knew had vivid experiences while clinically dead.... not quite the same as spiritually dead. 

    My friend Dan was actually killed when he was 3 years old after being run over hard by a car... slammed by it!  He remembers watching them working on him and then giving up and rolling him to the morgue where he woke up about 15 minutes later! He was dead for about an hour!! Pronounced dead and everything. He said his narcissistic mother was quite dismayed!! She was rather liking all the attention as a bereaved mother .... sad but true.

    I don't think so. How can you have proof? I had an out of body experience when I went to hospital ten years ago. I was very sick in emergency. Then, boom I was elsewhere. I could see my body too.
    Jesus is due back tomorrow according to other postings.

    Nom, He already came back once. What more do you want ?

    He wanted to antagonize you 4 years ago, and today
    as well

    I would welcome Him with open arms.

    When you die, that's it, there's no coming back, just you wait and see.

    terryfossil 1

    To true West Bus to true..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
    I've heard stories about folks who were declared dead and who were "brought back" after a number of minutes that was considered to be rather impossible for "revival". Don't know of any significant documentation though. Interesting question! (:

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