What are the Christian fundamentalists going to do tomorrow when they find that they are still here?

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    Hey,please stop spaming with your joke questions(the ones you were posting last night?) this is you second warning, next time you'll be off the site. By the way this is one pastor of one church making an azz out of him self...

    It's not all of the, "Christian fundamentalists" you are so fond of. You are making a stereo type out of a small group and assuming every or many Christian believes this idiot. Stereo typing groups of people is ignorant...

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    The question is what will you do when all the christians are gone and the earths a

    Boy, I so DON'T miss this member. 

    And now what have you got to say,,grab a towel and wipe the egg off your face..that is my advice should you ever read this..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Plan A: May 21, 2012 - Plan B: December 31, 2012
    They will postpone it. ;)
    They will just predict another day that the world will end.

    Yes, I guess they will until they get it right. Then they won't be around to say, "Ha, ha, we told you so."
    The Lord knows... and He is telling :-)

    Telling what?

    What the fundamentalists will do when the world doesn't end on their predicted day :-)
    Fundamentally? They'll get outa bed, brush their teeth, and stay, as usual. outa their body. Their day will be -- in denial with a special "mum's the word" this special day.

    You're on the money, mate!
    GUESS WHAT? it is tomorrow in Australia and I am still here. If you receive this please advise if you do not get it please advise me that you did not get it so I will know you are not there. HUH????

    Sorry People Lover, I am at my new office in Heaven, I don't have much time to talk, I'm going to haunt my ex wife tonight. Take care, see you when you get here.

    Say boo! to your wife for me. Sorry I won`t be able to catch up with you as I have been convinced by the "Holy Harries" there is no room for sinners such as me, oh well, I have lots of cobbers down there.
    They will state that they have to reformulate the date as the current formulation was in error (always excuses...they stated the same thing in, I believe it was 1994...another time the "end" was coming!)
    It's been tomorrow for two almost two hours now :-)

    Good night all x

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