how can i save the world from war poverty hunger and disease?

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    It's easy and I can still make it home for dinner!

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    Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray,and wait for Jesus return.
    You can't really do very much. Third world nations are full of corruption. Some of them would rather spend money on nuclear missiles than their people. I don't see why I have to support them. I can speak about third world nations, especially Asia because I lived in one for five years. All food aid goes on the black-market. The poor rarely receive it. All money donated goes into Swiss bank accounts.
    As for war, you can't stop that either because there is always some leader who wants total power over others. I don't believe in invading other people's countries unless they attack yours.

    how true in what your saying melanie
    Good luck!!!
    you can start on the local level by working at a soup kitchen making or bagging up , or serving the food. My church feeds the hungry at holidays by taking in or picking up canned or boxed food. Then, you help them put food in a box for some family. Then, they deliver it to different schools in my system; and the principals and the teachers know which families badly need it.
    You can't.
    These R lofty goals to have. But eggplant says it all.
    you can't
    Call Superman!

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