was the man who invented the ak47 life a failure because it was used against Russia( MEDIA LOGIC )

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    i wouldnt call him a failure, a great contributor to the world of military, the media talks crap.

    Mm take it you mean in Afghanistan and Chechnya but remember it helped defeat the US in Vietnam too so I expect he's quite happy.He was a tank sergeant that fought in the Red Army against Hitler and everyone in the worlds heard the name Kalashnikov,he's famous for designing the worlds most effective,robust and dependable assault rifle.Wouldnt call him a failure by any means.


    America did not lose a battle in Vietnam when Vietnam fell Nixon had pulled out their troops

    The AK-47 is the most used assault rifle in the world and is produced in over 25 countries outside of Russia. Its inventor, Mikhail Kalashnikov, is a national hero in that country. Its estimated that 100 million AK-47s have been produced since its invention so there are bound to be some variation of the weapon that's been used against Russian troops or its people at some time or another.,_Mikhail

    I wasnt aware the media were calling him a failure but it doesnt surprise me.So what if they are anyway i imagine if you ask his countrymen they'd say he's made a huge contribution to his country both in the war and designing the AK47 compared to that who cares what the media says.The media talks crap anyway one day they're for you the next they burn you down and whats worse they believe what they say matters.

    no a genius didnt get apenny from the russians

    The ak47 looked good and felt good greatly enhancing the confidence of a soldier but at 200 meters this writer could not hit much give me the M16 or AR15 any day ,but at 50 meters the ak47 was devastating .


    A large calibre with a high rate of fire,devastating is definately the word;Don't see why you say M16 OR AR15 though,same thing surely,just that M16 was the military designation of the AR15.

    yes your right!!!
    it was the media who said he was a failure``

    From the above replies it would appear that many of you are under the impression that M Kalashnikov actually invented the AK47 from scratch,think again;If you look up the german MP43/44 you will immediately be struck by the similarity to the AK47,this is because it was the original concept that Kalashnikov copied and then simplified into the AK47;Nor did he do this alone,he actually had a design team that included the designer of the MP 43/44;So what he actually did was take an existing firearm and add features from other existing firearms,for example,he used the trigger mechanism from the U.S M1 Garand,the safety from Browning's Remmington model 8 and the gas system and layout of the MP43/44.
    So not really much of an inventor,and much more of a plagiarist.


    Hi Radar;I assume that the owen gun you mention is that horrible australian machine pistol of the 1940s,yeah,I am familiar with it.I am not denegrating the AK by the way,it's a very competent weapon within it's limitations,it's the sheer crudity of it's manufacture that allows it to continue to function, when others with closer tolerances in the action do not.


    You'r right Radar,it was a very popular weapon due to it's reliability and the top mounted magazine put less pressure on the mag spring so feed problems were rare,also the bolt had a shroud that protected it from jamming from dirt or mud ingress,BUT pretty it aint.


    Yes !thats what they all do, have you heard of the Owen gun?


    The Owen gun horrible it was better than the thompson 45 so my daddy told me 3 to 1 faster rate of fire gravity feed g1s loved it but it was costly to make it was used in Vietnam did you mean horrible to look at did not jam in the mud the thompson on auto arched upwards Capone loved it the m1garand jammed after 400 rounds on auto and i mean every gun tested

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