Remedy for a dog who is alergic to fleas and I think Frontline. Has itched all

    her hair out. I am out of work and cannot afford to take
    her to the vet this year. I had her tested for dermadex
    mange and she did not have that. Just allergic to fleas.
    I am old and cannot bathe her everyday.

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    2 Answers

    My dog has a flea allergy. I must take him to the vet every six weeks for an allergy injection to keep him from scratching and biting himself bloody raw. It takes about 24 hours to notice a change-it gives him so much releif.The financial burden is hard on me as well and I can't always take my dog to the vet either. I do hope one of these remedies works for you.
    LEMON MAKES A FLEA FLEE! I do not like chemical so I take a lemon half and run it over the fur up and down the back and all around. Do not squeeze it. Just pet them with it in your hand. It doesn't have to get everywhere. Fleas hate the citrus odor and will flee! Ha ha I made a funny. But for real it works and is kid, pet, furniture, people and environment friendly.

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