Unwed Mothers

    Don't judge, as everyone is different. Some girls have just had ratbag and abusive boyfriends or male friends, and keep having babies with them. Other women are smart, however they have been unlucky in love as well. Just because a lady is married, it doesn't mean she is any happier.

    However, society finds it embarrassing, any many of them need to rely on welfare.

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    I think that each and every situation is different and until I have walked a mile in their shoes so to speak I should not judge.

    Hey Ra ra! Welcome to the site! Good answer and I agree with you.

    I think you wanted your answer to go under the question "WHAT'S YOUR TAKE ON UN-WED MOTHERS". All you have to do is click on the question and put your answer in the answer box. The top box on the main page is for new questions.

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