I have a friend who works for a KFC francise and should have been paid this Monday, but his boss tells him that he can't pay him bacause there's no money. What should my friend do?

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    KFC IS OWNED BY PEPSI CO, if I recollect properly. They have great credit, he will get paid just may have to wait for a short time, tell the manager to have an employee meeting and explain this delay to everyone.

    The Labor Board in your state will take complaints and address them properly. It may be the franchise owner is having financial difficulties, and a corporate manager should get involved in that case. Hope this helped...
    He's probably BS-ing your friend unless there has been absolutely no business at this particular franchise...tell him to contact KFC's headquarters...then run with all the chicken he can!
    sue or get another job
    tell the boss when he gets money pay him or her!!!!!
    find a new job, quit, and then file a complaint with the labor board! OR file a complaint with the labor board while finding a new job. No one should have to put up with that nonsense.

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