How should you take care of a baby deer who does not have a Mother?

    baby deer was found near our house and the Mother cannot be found. Seems to be about 1 week old. How and what should we feed it

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    If you find a baby deer apparently abandoned, do not touch it, simply walk away. The mother will return but if she smells human scent on the baby she will abandon it.
    Ms Sinclair

    How long should she wait though? Suppose it's mother does not return.

    Probably a couple of hours, but keep away or she will be too scared to return.
    ed shank

    The deer will more than likely be nursed by another deer. I see it here all the time.
    Leave the deer alone, nature cares for it’s own quite well.
    I would check to see if there is a Wildlife Rescue Organization in your area, they would be better equipped to answer this for you and help.

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