where did the word Easter originate

    defination of Easter. Where did the word start?

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    Easter comes from the name of a Pagan goddess, the goddess of Spring. Easter is but a more modern form of Ishtar, Eostre, Ostera, or Astarte. Ishtar, another name for Semiramis of Babylon, was pronounced as we pronounce "Easter" today. And so the name of the Spring Festival, "Easter," is paganistic, the name being taken from the name of the goddess.

    The "Easter egg" was a sacred symbol of the ancient Babylonians. They believed an old fable about a huge egg which supposedly fell from heaven into the Euphrates River. From this egg, says the legend, the goddess Astarte (Easter) was hatched. From Babylon the idea of the mystic, sacred egg spread abroad to many nations.

    its a German word and means "longer", the days are getting longer. The English word is Easter and coms from the God from the fertility Eostre in Germany. At the 21st of March the people came together to make big fires and pray tot the God of darkness to give back the light. The played games and hide eggs wich where painted in red and gold to symbolize the hided sunbeams. It was also a sign of fertility. That's for what I know about Easter or "Ostern" in gthe German language or "Pasen" in the Dutch language.

    This came after the babylonians worship of their goddess Ishtar.

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