When I was a little girl I watched The Miss America Show on t.v.. It was brought in part by Tonette and Tame Cream Rinse. I have looked online and a few people say they have found it at 99-cent stores, but I have been unable to find it there or anywhere. Can you help?

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    The original conditioner, Tame, is back on the shelves as a house brand at Dollar Tree. On the back, it has “Distributed by Dollar Tree” so you know its an exclusive.

    The use of Tame as a store brand is part of a recent trend of retailers licensing old lower-tier brands that have some shelf appeal. The consumer thinks they are getting a national brand, and yet the discounter has an exclusive product.


    The packaging says it dates from 1978 but I believe the product is much older. Originally it came in a round bottle and was called Tame Creme Rinse. The packaging says it is licensed by Silkience to Dollar Tree.



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