How could our "warship" stop the pirated yacht.

    How do you think we could stop these Somalia Pirates from reaching their coast?

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    I think we should blow up any and all pirates in the Somalian seas. It's about time we put an end to this mayhem especially since they killed the 4 people aboard the boat.

    Hate to say it but Obama's actions have positioned him as a weak leader and reflected that sentiment to our entire nation. That's why a group of bandits have the nerve todeal with us.
    This is just the beginning wait and see what Iran has in store for us.
    It's time to change the way we operate we are losing a lot of credit and friends.

    That's easy. Position a couple SEAL snipers on the bow of the navy ship and clear them to fire at will.

    These guys can all knock out the eye of a gnat at a hundred yards. All it takes is for a Somali to expose his head an inch into the sights of one of these guys' 50-cal rifles and the impact would rip out a hunk of skull the size of a baseball. The snipers could pick off the dirtbags before the dirtbags even know what's happening.

    If the officer in charge wanted to be a wash-cloth liberal he'd wait for the dirtbag to surrender and watch while the dirtbags butchered their prisoners and then surrendered and asked for taxpayer-funded lawyers.

    all cargo ships/tankers should have enough ships co to keep a good look out and be trained to protect their ship,its a big problem.

    i thing we can,t stop the Somalia Pirates from reaching their coast befor stop somalian fighting in muqadisho or all somalia .
    hasan from somalia

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