What it's in your pocket right now?


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    A hole

    I'm naked, don't have any pockets.. Now what???

    lol, just came to my mind too, but I wasn't going to go there...

    I try to answer these silly questions as best i can-- sometimes there isn't an answer, you just gotta go with it.. LOL

    Vinny naked.What a picture..Thanks:(

    Some threads need to stay buried.. Ouch!
    My pockets are empty right now!!!
    Cigarette lighter, a bunch of crinkled up bills, and a screw I was looking for all morning.

    well now I have 2 pens and a slightly used tissue, oh and a toothpick (not used, don't know why I have it)

    T""                THIS !!!!!


    Wow...only 100's...Be my friend? lol :)

    Alright my friend, you need some cash? how much my friend? LOL.
    I have a bunch of lint in my pocket, does that count? I know it won't buy me anything. Sometimes I wish lint was the new currency, because then I would be a rich man.

    Me too.
    Lets see.. Keys, 27 cents,small cross,billfold, pen, lint....
    Nothing in my pocket, but as a mom I do have some interesting things in my purse!

    I'm in my jammies right now, too hot for what I was wearing...Welcome to Texas..........

    just my hands..

    in my jamas... nothing

    I have 5k in one pocket. In the other I have tickets to tour the world with my wife for 12 months. O no. I was dreaming. Pockets empty
    I don't have any pockets and if I did it would be my hand looking for what's in them;)
    Uuuuhhhh...Hmmmm...about as much as I have in my head!! Nothing!! LOL

    My Cell phone

    No, pockets in clothes, but coat has pockets, let's see, tissues and lint.

    " Bamboo stalks."


    Panda if you get short I have a Bamboo plant so dont for get heeeee

    This is whats in there""""""""""""""""

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