I am executor of my mother's will-bonds are in her or sibs name .Can i cash 4 estate?

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    No, your job as executor of the will is to do just that, execute the terms of the will no more no less.The will, as written is to be executed, that is what ever your mother has had written cannot be changed by you, it is illegal for you to attempt to change a single line.The only way you can sell or dispose of any of your mothers property is if you hold a Power of Attorney in your mothers` name. This Power of Attorney ceases the moment your mother breathes her last breath. To get the PofA you have to have your mothers approval in which case a solicitor or Justice of the peace has to prepare the correct documentation. The only other way to get PofA is for a court to decide your mother in mentaly incapable of handling her affairs, this would entail pshyciatric assessment by 2 doctors.

    Do not attempt to sell the bonds, they are not your mothers they belong to the person in whos` name they are issued.

    I hate saying this but you are not picking the bones before she dies are you. I have sadly seen it so many times it sickens me.

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