I am sure the world will not end on may 21st and we will still be here worrying about silly hoaxs

    why has everyone got such an interest in a topic that is so obviously false.Bible teaches that noone knows the day or hour,So why is everyone believing a false prophet.What does he get from his following a red face on 22nd May.

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    theirs plenty of other silly hoaxes to worry about...
    Everyone is not believing. In fact the vast majority do not believe this.

    good,we seem to be having lots of questions about it.
    the one good thing to come out of this false prophecy was the fact maybe some people are opening their eyes to the fact it will one day

    It won't. It's not a fact. Nothing is ever set in stone. Not even prophecies.
    Did you hear the new news? The guy is now saying the world will end on October 21st, 2011. What happens when we all wake up on October 22nd? Will he finally admit he was wrong, wrong, wrong?
    Nobody knows the day or the hour that the Lord will return, it tells you this in the bible, and he will return for those who believe that God sent his son Jesus to die for all our sins... thats amazing to know that all yours debts are paid and you have an assurance of going to heaven... all you have to do is believe and you will have ETERNAL LIFE.
    The world does not end on 21 May, but 27 May, so you have a few more days in hand.
    I have to go to a class next Wednesday so I guess I will still be here.
    There are many prophecies going around to choose which futuristic fable shall manifest in our lives.

    The one that is leading the pack is Mayan prophecies. What i believe is they ran out of chalk. or the person they asked to continue the role of the scribe, just didn't go or did not know his purpose.

    Who knows? Even Christ did not.

    Your sister,


    If Christ is God, he should have known even back then.

    He is of the Godhead. He is know as the Son of God.

    Members of a family, are referred to by their surname.
    that's how we know them. but, individually, we know them by the common name.

    Only the Father knows. Does everyone know what's on their father's mind?

    Your sister.

    We need to be ready.
    Actually didn't the mayan's predict the world to end 21/12/12, still have well over 18 month's to find out.

    Live your life the best you can always, because no one knows when their last moments will be. Because of accidents, through been ill etc. I dont know when the end of world will be, I am sure there are, many people here today, that wont see the end of world, even if it was next week.

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