I am a 60 year old lady who is thinking about having lip implants. My worry is as I grow older and my skin begins to sag and lose its elasticity, will my lips begin to droop also from the weight of the implants? Thanks. Tilley

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    I have no idea how they inhance lips... But this is a true story.... My hubbys grand mother had reconsrtutive sergry on her lips after cancer... She came in the house and said" come give grand ma a kiss" so my hubby did.. She said "do you like how they fixed my lips?" he said yes... She said" you know they used my down stairs lips for the tissue , but that is ok I have plenty." He never kissed her agian... LOL.. I miss that women. RIP.

    Wow is that really true? I almost feel gullible

    It is a TRUE story.. She was dead serious too. We have laughed about it for years. She has since passed on and it is a fav. story at family gathering now...

    What does your sentence She said" you know they used my down stairs lips for the tissue , but that is ok I have plenty." mean and why would he never kiss her again? Sorry if I sound uneducated or out of the loop, but I am serious about this question. Thanks.

    They used skin from her clitorus. (vigina)
    NO TO LIP IMPLANTS! i have that as my bumper sticker. i don't even think that lip implants are an option. what would be worse than lips drooping down to your chin. expert had a good idea .... go with botox!

    finish the lyrics?

    she got them heavy heavy lips
    they droops down to her heavy heavy hips
    i wish that girl weren't so vain
    lookin' at her gives me a pain
    Leave your lips alone age gracefully forget the vanity and ego

    Here is the reasoning, ole hipster: I am trying to look better for my husband. He has not asked me to do this, it's me trying to improve myself physically. I have had breast implants for 32 years with no problems. We have both enjoyed how much better I look in clothes, our sexual life and I feel that I am now in proportion to the rest of my body. Right now I am more concerned about the lip implant/injection. Also, I don't feel that anyone who cares about how they look can grow old gracefully. I used to say that also, but it's not true unless you don't care. I will definitely consult several doctors before having this done.
    Don't even go there for Heaven's sake...I'm 61 and I would not think about even having any kind of implants at my age or for that matter even while I was younger....I don't understand the reasoning behind why you would want them at our age (I too, am female) if this is at the suggestion of a mate..tell mate to go to Hell...if this is just a vanity thing or a desire to look's way too late for with your age and grow old gracefully! (:
    please just age gracefully I am sure you look fine dont risk a botched op.
    Stop already. How bad can your lips be? Everyone in town will know you've got "lip implants". You may become the brunt of every ones joke. Look in the mirror again, see their beautiful.
    I have an older aunt that has wrinkled lips from the habit of crunching them up for years but to change that now would not look like her. Please don't do this family and friends love you just the way you are, someone is trying to make money off you. Don't try to be what your not.
    You`re joking right? 60 yr old mutton trying to look like lamb. You will have one part of you face laughing at all the other bits. Give the money to charity don`t waste it.

    Gotta're 60 woman, get over it.
    I have to agree with no to the implants in fact the visual to that is quite worth a good laugh but...I do have to say that if there is something that you want to do to feel better about yourself then by all means do it. It doesn't matter what age you are, your not hurting anyone by having a bit of rejuvaderm or botox. Life is what makes you feel great...your worth it, I don't care what age you are!
    Go ahead and get your lips fixed. Granny Duck Lips will get you a lot of attention. What are you thinking? Do you really believe the House Wives of (fill in the blank)? They all look a like and surely do not represent the woman I am.
    do whatever makes you happy. good luck.

    Thank you. I don't know if you agree or not but there are nearly all negative answers. Isn't there anyone out there who has had lip implants and like them?
    you could try lip plumping gloss which sweals them up before goin drastic with implants
    I couldn't agree more.
    pls don't.

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