Why do some christians believe saturday May 21 will be Judgement Day?

    They say it'll be the end of the world

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    Because instead of reading the Bible for themselves, they listen to these angels of darkness whom are constantly trying to deceive us and cause confusion and now panic. I think that satan and his band of dark broods are sitting around the kitchen table with Mr. Camping just laughing their evil a$$es off at all you people who would fall for such nonsense by putting your faith in his empty and ungodly words he is spreading. What makes it worse is that poor Harold does'nt have a clue the kind of company he's entertaining!!

    You definitely gotta point!
    country bumpkin

    lluvJesus: Thanks for the support. I've been running across several of yourQ@As the past couple of days. you're funny!
    I'm sure it's a tiny, minute part of the Christian's like .000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 percent.
    Because Harold Camping has told them it will.
    thats the craziest thing ive ever heard. Jesus dont even know when Hes coming. only God does. dont listen to the liars and deceivers, go to your bible and find out for yourself whats hapening.
    i dont know where that came from but what i do know is that is not TRUE. Matthew 24:36, 42 says 'concerning that day and hour noboby knows; keep on the watch, therefore, because you do not know on what day YOUR Lord is coming' the bible does not say when will be the end of the world. its a lie

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