Do u think children should be made to see the other parent that they don't live with????

    Do u think a 6yr old should be made to see his father when he clearly doesnt want to. Also, should anyone have access to their children when they cant even pay child support ??

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    a child should never be made to see anyone they don't want to see!! what does the child say the problem is.
    if the child MUST visit, it should be supervised.
    if they are unfortunate and can't pay child support, a parent should be able to see their child.
    is the child angry because his father isn't paying child support?
    it sounds like a counselor would be helpful.

    Sadly in the 3 cases I know mediation failed and no way will the dads agree to take part in counselling.

    There's a reason a six year old doesn't want to see that parent. a Parent should make some contribution to their child's needs financially. Deadbeat dads should be put in front of a wall. The end result is we all end up raising some one else's kids.

    Courts take the view a bad dad is better than no dad.

    Judgements are made in secret.

    Mums are left to cope financially as best they can... even facilitating contact with money they should be spending on housing, feeding and clothing there children.

    Who suffers, apart from mums not eating properly and worrying themselves sick? The children, forced to see someone they often barely know and fear.

    I know three families where this is the case... as well as good arrangements that do work.

    None of those three dads have ever shown any interest in their child... all have one as it happens... until Mum left... battered in 2 cases... but then they demanded, and got, visits.

    They have to have done it for spite. The children are dumped in front of a TV and ignored... or locked in a bedroom in one case and punished if they wet themselves.

    No, nothing can be done. Their mums see their distress... I've seen it... but there are never marks and people in authority don't believe what young children say.

    Yes, I have tried to help all of them get dads treatmnt of the children investigated, It's hopeless.

    Earnings can be attached for money... unless Dad is self-employed or unemployed.

    We have the same problem in the US. as well. Mothers have to struggle to raise theire Children alone and are often the poorest of the poor. i think any child has the right not to see theire father if they dont want to. There is usually a reason why they dont want to see theire Dad. Our Justice System is dysfunctional also.
    ed shank

    My parents divorced at age 12. My father wanted custody. The Judge asked who I wanted to live with, my response was with mother. My father was in such an emotional state that at the time he scared me. Not that he would ever harm me but mom is mom. I spent every weekend with pop. I didn't want him to think that "I" didn't love him anymore. He died when I was 16 and the last thing he ever said to me was, Chumi (I still don't know what that meant) I love you.

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