My 10 year old granddaughter has been having stomach pain since she was about 5 years old.. No diagnosis has been found for her symptoms as of yet..can you direct me to anyone with similar story? Thank you.

    Complaints of pain usually after she eats a meal. Has also complained of vaginal pain with slight discharge. Doctor has checked her for signs of ...negative. She cries of pain also in her side and chronic nausea.

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    Absolutely. I can answer about the stomach ache part of your question. I've consulted with our pediatrition more than once on this. One emergency nurse labeled it. CRAP. Constant reoccuring abdominal pain. My oldest daughter suffered a lot from it. Turns out her 3rd grade teacher was very hard on her at the same time that she had big demands on her after school in figure skating. There is no cure. There are some possibilities that may help however. 1. You can buy acidopholus for children. It is the type of bacteria that the stomach needs. 2. It is related to the nervous system and perhaps "The weight of the world"that she feels. 3. I might take her to an alergist just to see if anything is going on there. 4. After dinner she needs something soothing and fun or interesting for h e r. Depending on her hand eye coordination you could start her on knitting or needlework or crochet. 5. Talk to her school teacher and she what she knows about it. I'll pray for the little thing. 6. Also, and thi is the most important one, I told my daughter that her body was shutting down for the day and it was time for bed. Reading books may help relax her into sleep mode or fun children's songs may help. My daughter admitted that her misery started at bedtime and she should start getting ready for bed i/2 hour earlier. This worked. She would soetimes tell me the next day, "I ddn't have a stomach ache mommy." Good girl. You went to bed at the right time for you. Good luck. Oh, one more thing. My daughter sai that she didn't like being the oldest, she didn't like being adopted and that she heard mom and daddy talking about money too much. I reassured her tht mom and dad will never get divorced never ever and that we are just communicating about it. That's what moms and dads have to do sometimes because we are partners and we have plenty of money and you never ever have to worry about money. YOu are the most important thing in the world to me and we will take the best care of you that we possibly can. And then I would talk to her about what food we had available for breakfast so she could start her day knowing what to expect. Not knowing what to do when can be upsetting to little ones. They need routine and structure to be at peace and happy.Another thing. Children suffer from growing pains. Sad but true. Also too much dairy is not good. Good luck. I hoped this helps.

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