I have a leg ulcer and have done for 12 months i get alot of pain in the evenigs only it is calm thro out the day .can any body tell me how i can stop that so as i get a decent night sleep

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    P.S. if you don't get that leg ulcer taken care of, your foot or lower leg could go gangrene
    You need to be in the hospital for about 4 days worth of I.V. antibiotics. Go to your doc , or go to the E.R. If they don't put you in the hosp, they'll at least tell you how to cleanse it and how to put antibiotic ointment on it....and dress it.
    I have diabetic legs with nerve damage and could not sleep without Neurontin (gabapentin) ask your doctor if this will help you.
    My late mother had this problem which was solved by applying Manuka honey to the ulcers. Any honey will do apparently but Manuka is the best. Something to do with the honey producing hydrogen peroxide.
    Try sleeping with the offending leg on a pillow to help the blood flow.

    Anti-depressants SHOULD be taken in the morning so smart move Sanpan.
    My mother-inlaw had such bad ulcers that when bandages were removed you could see her bones in her legs. She did not have diabetetics but deep inpaired venious return. Iv antibiotics, good and I mean good diet to help with repair of the skin and keep bacteria out.

    she did have to have skin grafts x2 in the corse of her life. She lived to be 89. HER SON, MY HUBBY
    on the other hand , inherated her legs anf through a pulmonary embli and died at 60 yrs old. Take care of it before it take care of you!!
    Ive suffered frrom restless legs symdrome. I started taking my anti-depressant in the morning instead of night. Gone.

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