I stopped having my period at 40 years old. I am now 58...can I still get pregnant?

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    Please God say NO.
    Why would you want to anyway? Just think- if you had a baby now you'd be in your 70's when they reach puberty. Not a good combination.
    Highly unlikely. 98% or better you can't.
    well, every thing is possible these days.

    I take it you think she wants to?

    If so, what you say is just possibly right.
    The realistic answer, and the one I think you want to hear, is NO.

    You are well past the menopause.

    Any doctor will tell you it is safe to stop taking precautions against pregnancy 5 years after your last period.

    Stop worrying.

    If you have an attack of feeling maternal right now, pay attention to Ms Sinclair, recognise the way you feel for what it is and don't even TRY to do anything so damn selfish.

    I have no time for men who become fathers so irrisponsibly late, never mind mothers.

    My mother parents were just over 40 when I was born and that was bad enough. They were a different generation to all the children I met at school, with different values. The result was I had no friends... no sleepovers etc etc allowed... I was NO FUN... uninvited to anything.

    I am very sorry. It must have been devastating and lonely.

    It was, and they weren't nearly as old as this lady.

    It is no joke having parents so different from your class mates.

    What is must be like to grow up with people old enough to be your grandparents and fear them dying and leaving you utterly alone I can't imagine.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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