why cant i find love who doesnt make me feel bad

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    Good answers there, Ed has a very good point as well. Let me give you the short answer. We usually pick our mates based on what we learned from our parents. Most likely your parent or parents made similar choices in their mate(s) as you have.

    You need to evaluate your decision process, you are picking the same personality types or they have some of the same personality traits. God is always a better picker than we are, if you have faith leave it up to Him and take your time. If not change the way you are picking and try the opposite of who you would usually pick. TMO, hope this helps...
    Well, love hurts, especially if it isn't returned in the same way as how you will learn to separate the idiots from the caring boyfriends and/or girfriends as life goes on....I remember love hurting especially bad when I was young as one is so vulnerable when growing and developing into a mature and smart person (by smart I mean not only intellectually but in the ways of human nature), anytime someone hurts you you must examine why...generally it's not your picked the wrong person to be interested in, that's all...sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me...that should be your mantra..just be strong...the right person shall come along,,just be patient and shrug off any past's their loss of you as the caring individual not your loss (:
    maybe your just shoping in the wrong isle of the supermarket, get out of the frozen fish isle and head for the fresh produce
    You might have low self esteem and dont think you are deserving. This usually is the result of your upbringing and you unconciously
    feel attracted to these kind of men. You need to learn to love yourself. You might need some help like a Church or Family Counseling.
    Stop looking under rocks, or maybe your too critical. Highly unlikely your going to find it all in one package. Assuming your an adult, your probably gravitating to a certain "type" of person. Ask yourself if you are. What did all of your past loves have in common? If they all had beards, find someone clean shaven. Get my drift?
    Love yourself.. expect treated well and accept nothing less. You may be alone for a time until you find a man that can handle that... but that man will be well worth the wait.
    Where did you get your name from?
    Then, you'll likely, need to change your perspective on what it is you are seeking. Either change your views on what it is you search for in a person by broadening them, or limiting them.

    Your sister,


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