should tank tops be allowed in school?

    i was walking down the hall to lunch and the principal pulled me over like like an angry sheriff. she made a big deal about wearing a tank top to school! she thinks it's because it might cause bra straps to show, not to be immature using that word but, a bra is just an under shirt that doesn't cover your belly button, and you cant see any "parts" if you have one on. rules are overrated.

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    Oh dear... back to what to wear for school... and me upsetting everybody, yet again.

    I know there are sensible arguments for school uniform... you can't tell rich from poor... pride in the school... not distracting the opposite sex...

    The way to First Class Honours at university... or its equivilant in America, or anywhere else in the world, is STUDY. Dye your hair blue and wear a clown outfit if you must... but get homework in on time, all projects done well, aim for top grades in every subject, and good luck.

    Don't worry about me. I can take the flack :-)

    It is nice to know somebody agrees with me on this subject, for the first time ever.

    I expect he/she will be the only one, except perhaps blueberry socks who may even come back and say so. One never knows.

    by the way i am in advanced honors both in mathematics and language arts! i take part in a foreign language exploratory class and tutor kids in my free time! so i suppose i agree with you suliz. HAVE A GOOD DAY!

    I'm not having a very good day actually, but at least I know how to correct the problem.

    I'm delighted to hear you are not only working hard but are successful, and helping others.

    It's a pleasure to have "talked" to you.
    no, they should not be permitted attire in school. School is not the beach, adn it is not the bar, or a party. School is a public place that should be dignified !

    I'm not wearing a swim suit so why the beach? i don't even think you guys know what a tank top is. (it's a t-shirt that covers the shoulder by 4 inches) it's not a spaghetti strap and i am only 12! for your information i don't go to the bar!

    duh, no kidding. I've worn tank tops since before you were born
    Not cool. One day you'll find out why. Back in the days of old, you had to have a shirt with a collar, no sneakers, no "Blue" jeans. Any violation of these "horrific crimes" was punishable by being sent home to change your attire. But than again this was back in the day when you dressed for work as if you were going to work.

    this is the future, and, tank tops are just like t-shirts only just below the shoulder. it's nothing in-common to spaghetti straps. (they are really inappropriate).
    No, no tank tops or shorts above the knee.

    ur not my boss. i don't wear "short, shorts" but i can wear shorts above the knee.
    Headless Man

    That's the rules here in SE Ohio, just thought I pass that along.
    you might be a distraction and cause the guy who sits next to you to flunk geometry. in the 7th grade the principal called me into his office and really layed down the rules of what to wear. i was mad. he was right.

    thanks, thats kinda funny, and right
    Don't think so and for obvious reasons
    Smarty pants teen trying to show you know more than mature people. Hopefully in 30 years you will also be mature in the meantime wear what your teacher feels is appropriate.

    i am only 12 ( not a teen) and just because i am smart and short on clothing doesn't ensure of any immaturity. i do listen to my principal and take her advice. all i am trying to do is make an approved point on this matter. not affiance towards my principal. oh, and you don't seem very mature when your vocabulary is set at "smarty pants" i used that phrase when i was 7. have a nice day

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