What is the difference between concealer and foundation?

    im young and new to make up

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    Foundation can add ahealthy glow to your whole facce. You put it everywhere. it covers up all the imperfctions and unites your face color so that you look more finished and polished. I am a redhead and I look as homely as can be without it. But with it with a lip color, blush and mascara I feel more confident and I hear my students say, "She's pretty." Concealer is usually used under the eyes to hide dark circles and connect your face color with the rest of your face. The key is to purchase the right color for you.
    Hi kathykat,

    Although both are used as a coverup, the concealer is used under the eye to hide dark spots. The foundation is used as a base (make up base) for full coverage of the face.

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    Foundation provides a base for your other makeup. It goes over your entire face. It evens out your skin tone and provides a clean slate for your face.

    Concealer is used to cover-up any blemishes, under-eye circles, etc on your face. You apply this after foundation.

    If you just want to cover up a few bumps, I would just use a little concealer. Just dab it on and apply a little powder on top of it.

    If you want more coverage, then you should put on foundation first then apply your concealer.

    I use concealer to cover flaws underneath foundation, and believe me at my age I use it like pollyifller !!!

    Thank you ladies I had no idea what the question was about as the asker did not mention face make up. I was on the house building track.

    Obviously Sanpan what you see is not what you get. I have more lines than the telephone company, but I am a bloke and proud to age gracefully. Every line tells a story.

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