If I have a partial hysterectomy and they remove my uterus do I still have a menstral cycle

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    A hysterectomy permanently changes some aspects of your life. For instance:

    You'll no longer have menstrual periods.
    Most of the time, you'll get relief from the symptoms that made your surgery necessary.
    You won't be able to become pregnant.
    If you're premenopausal, having your ovaries removed along with hysterectomy initiates menopause.
    If you have a hysterectomy before menopause and you keep your ovaries, you may experience menopause at a younger than average age.

     If you had a good sex life before hysterectomy, you'll maintain it afterward.

    susie-q I presume when you say you had a partial hysterectomy - you do say your uterus was removed - partial means that you still have your ovaries - which means you will ovulate but the  eggs will be absorbed into the peritoneal cavity rather than being buried within the lining of the uterus therefore no more periods. This means you are not menopausal as you still have the hormones - if on the other hand you had a total hysterectomy to include the ovaries you would be menopausal and if young this would be premature and the Doctor may give you hormone replacement therapy or treatment to help your menopausal symptoms if needed.Natural hormone replacement being bioflavines. However, sounds like you still have your ovaries - The Family Planning Nurse will help you with this or your Doctor susie this is very important you do this and check  whether you still have your cervix as you may still need to have smear tests depending on age.- This should have been explained to you but it is perfectly natural not to take all this in - quite a high percentage of patients do not, and quite often the information is not given clearly - Doctors are learning how to do this better, sometimes it helps if they write it and draw it for you.   

    This is the kind of question you ask your doctor, who should know more about it than any of us.

    Actually, you go into a kind of early more periods for sure...not such a bad thing, huh? (:

    Definitely no,no uterus...means no lining to shed every month.

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