I need to get Clean ! what do i do please help if you know !

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    Well...bathing would help if you mean that YOU are dirty OR if you're trying to come off of drugs, congratulations, you can contact alanon OR if you mean how do you clean your system out for a drug test...that I'm not gonna' tell you...just google the answer and do your own research ):
    Alcohol Drug Addiction Substance Abuse Rehab Treatment Center ...
    Alcohol drug rehab treatment center help find addiciton substance abuse recovery alcoholism program or alcoholic facilities in our nationwide directory. - Cached
    Substance Abuse
    Volunteers of America is a leader in providing substance-abuse treatment services to help adolescents, adults and their families to experience life without addiction ... - Cached
    The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration ...
    As a part of Caring for Every Child's Mental Health, learn about how trauma impacts young children and how, with help, they can demonstrate resilience and get through ... - Cached
    Substance Abuse - Texas Department of State Health Services
    Need Help Now? Learn How to Get Help for Substance Abuse - Cached Hope this helps...

    There are many churches that will help you as well, just do a search on the internet for a church near by and give them a call.
    Dope problem?
    Your body or your soul?
    Headless Man

    Pray and ask Jesus to forgive you of your sin and guide you the rest of your life. Then take a shower.

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