I updated internet explorer 9 and lost my favourites bar how can I get it back intact

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    3 Answers

    If you want to add a favorites button on Internet Explorer 9, just click on the "View" button on your Internet Explorer 9 menu bar, then go to "Toolbars" and click on "Customize". Then add "favorites" to the "current toolbar buttons".

    Good Luck.
    Or you can deal with the Favorites now being located in the upper righthand corner of the screen under the star symbol. For me it was easier to retrain myself to click on the star and find them rather than do the above. Either way - there you go.
    I uninstalled In Ex 9 for the exact same reason. My favorites list was way too long to start over. I wasnt aware of the star in right corner like 6dogs4us is talking about. What exactly is the advantage of ex9 over ex8, anyway? I think I just went to system restore to recover my ex8!

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