can't remember name of oldschool motorcourt near Jax Beach, FL. only 12-15 rooms, grills in front of every room, outside pool, covered picnic area behind w/lg grills and beach directly behind. i'm a senior and want to take my grandgirls; 5 & 7. HELP! PLS!

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    Sorry, I tried really hard to figure this one out but just no luck. I hope you were able to remember the name of this place and take the girls there. It sounds like a fun place to hang out.
    Wow we dont have grills on the windows of our schools now, you sure it wasn`t gaol or at least reform school?
    country bumpkin

    I think he is talking about BBQ grills in front of each of the(motel rooms, not bars(grills) across the windows. LOL
    (old school as in old fashioned)

    Bloody hell countrybumpkin you are right, when are some going to catch up and speak English (or should I say type)

    Well I know I am old now. That gave the first laugh of the day and at myself. Thanks heaps. "grills" "old school" bloody hell thats funny.
    country bumpkin

    I just read your comment and I am laughing so hard that tears are rolling down my face. Thank you also for the good laugh.

    Well I am really angry with you country bumpkin. laughing at a poor old blokes inability to understand jargon.

    You cheeky young sod, I can use "young " because compared to me everybopdy is.

    Glad we were able to have cackle together, life is all about living not contemplating your navel.

    Boy am I glad of that I haven`t seen my navel for years.

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