¿por qué muerden los perros entrenados? - why do trained dogs bite?

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    Dogs love training by their pack leader (human) as this is a natural instinct to please the boss. If their leader is a yobbo who sools the dog onto other dogs the dog wants to be agressive to please the leader. If the dog receives nothing but love it will display nothing but love. My therapy dog lay on a blanket alongside a young boy aged about 8. The boy had cerebal palsey and yet this child got his arms around my dogs neck and cuddled into her soft furry neck. The boy then decided to head butt my dog. My gorgeous creature licked the boy on the neck and the boy cuddled her again. No bad dogs only bad owners.
    Your question is not correct not all dogs that are trained bite. My dog is trained to be very gentle with everyone the sick or infirm in particular. Cadaver dogs are trained to find dead bodies. Sniffer dogs trained to find explosives,drugs and fruit and vegetable products.Please do not make sweeping statements with no foundation in fact. The only dogs trained to attack and possibly bite are guard dogs and service dogs. So don`t do anything wrong and you are safe to live your life.
    i like your answer, peoplelover that's sort of my question. some dogs are trained to fight and some are trained to stay calm so what is dog training really?

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