stephen hawkins, one of the great brains of all time, recently said there is no heaven, when the brain dies everything goes black and its over, what do you think?

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    Hawkings is wrong. Given his physical state one could almost understand his spiritual challenges. I'm not to sure if anyone could have convinced me of a loving God if I were afflicted with his condition, I'm assuming it was from birth.

    Such a great point ed, thumbs up...
    Really all Mr. Hawkings has going for him is his brain....obviously he loves the attention he gets from having such a high IQ considering the physical shape the poor guy is in..however, I wouldn't take everything he says as being the "truth"...may be in his mind he's correct. Leeroy and Randy put it very well...(:

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    ole hipster

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    He has only studied the physical realm, and obviously not the spiritual realm.

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    I have to agree with Randy, I have met some extremely intelligent people in my lifetime. The majority of these people over think things and many of them lack common sense.

    It's a shame to let your intellect get in the way of your heart, many times this leads us to bad decisions. I think the man is brilliant, but maybe someday he will seek God and find him... Many people who actually look come to the same conclusion, that life on Earth must have developed through intelligent design. Some people give the glory to God and others give it to advanced alien civilizations.


    good answer, infact i'm heartened by the answers given here.

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    I personally think Mr. Hawking is wrong but thats my opinion
    Ok, lets hear it, God WANTED Stephen Hawkins to live the tortured life hes led all these years because he was "TESTING" his faith.

    Steve, when you die you'll be DEAD. Buried or cremated.

    Your souls going NO WHERE.
    Your not going to be UP IN THE CLOUDS
    And your NOT going to see all the loved ones you knew that passed before you.

    Finally! Someone with common sense.

    State your claims below my answer and NOT hide behind you TD.
    ole hipster

    Come on there TSC....let the believers believe..just so long as they leave the rest of us alone! (: (agnostic that I am...after all I want to be covering my bases, just in case!) lol

    This is why I RARELY answer these questions.
    ed shank

    Being a Christian or being a realist, there seems to be a divide there. I've yet to figure out why the two can't work together.
    Smart and wisdom are different things. Smart involves the brain and comes from book learning. Wisdom involves the heart and comes from God.
    sad he seems to have so many people who give heed towhat he says.that is his belief and not one shared by christians.
    When you die you return to the same state that you were in before you were conceived/born. You didn't have any problem with that
    condition did you? You wont have any difficulty over death.
    The opposite of life is death any other scenario cannot be so.

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