What is the best word of advice you've ever recieved?

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    If you are going to do a job (or something) do the besy job you can do, or don't bother. From my late Grandpa.

    the best way to learn from a mistake is to fix that mistake
    if you don't fix that mistake, you're only going to create another mistake

    GET DOWN !!!



    Probably the best advice I was ever given was from my best friends dad. He said,"Leeroy no matter what you do in life, do your best and be the best at what you do. If you are a lawyer win more cases than the other lawyers, If you are a garbage man throw the can farther, learn how to spin it on your finger, go above and beyond what anyone else expects. I don't know if it was the words that he told me or the conviction in his speech, but it really sunk in to my teenage mind.

    Ever since I have always been at the top of my field, no matter where or what I've done for a living. I also apply it to my personal life, I try my best to do my best.

    Another piece of advice that has helped me was:
    If you are in a hole digging, stop, look around, and climb out.

    Let go and let God.......

    Speak softly but carry a big stick T. Roosevelt

    Dont let the sun go down on your anger.


    Those who want by the yard
    but work by the inch
    should be kicked by the foot.


    The thing about common sense is it isn't very common.

    Life is short, time is make the best of what you have left.Live, love and laugh like it's your last day...cheers

    Live and let live.

    Try. That was the best "Word" of advice I ever got, and I live by it today too.

    ifyou think somthing is dodgey then it proably is

    take the money and run


    "Don't hide your light under a bushel". In other words, be proud of your acheivements and let no one take them away from you.


    If you have'nt made any mistakes,then you have'nt made anything

    In a Cookie...
    It Stated...
    'The Key to Failior, is Pleasing Everyone Else.'

    strong textDO NOT PEE IN THE WIND

    Did you see anybody today that you like better than yourself?

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