sent for a credit card sent payment by money gram no card yet who investigates

    caught an ad on the internet and was advertised that if you sent a100 payment you could get a visa credit card with a decent credit limit within 10 days... been 15 now and no card... who investigates these scams

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    If you need to pay for a credit card you shouldn't have one. Consider your self lucky.

    Well I've been properly slapped... I wanted to get a card as I lost my business twice once in 08 and 10. I have rebuilt with no help from FEMA or SBA etc.. my credit score has gone up from 300's to 561 so I had hoped to get a card and make good payments to get a better credit score... enclosed is the address that brought me to the site.,.. the page is impressive esp. to some of us people who aren'tfortunate like you and guess it explains why I got scammed others don't think people like me deserve a card either... just to let you know I only have a utlity bill and home phone to pay monthly so I could of well afforded a credit card payment... and i have always paid cash and never established credit... see I'm not a lazy or debt dodging person either... here is the page you might look at and see why some of us were drawn to it... I did report it to the FBI as wire fraud but for some reason Bin Lauden's death is more important than my claim at this time... go figure...
    Call the company that was advertising the card. If you can't get info call the Better Business Bureau local office and give them the info. Find out if other people have complained.
    Well I consider myself properly swated Randy... but I lost my business twice in the last 5 years due to the great floods of 08&10 so I have rebuilt it again all by self and thought it would be so nice if I could get a card period... I've brought my score up from the low 300's to 561 so I had great hopes it would be a credit builder... in you off time check out this site and see what drew me and probably others to it... just so you know also I have only a utility bill to pay monthly and phone so I could of afforded the card payments... so far I can't find anyone to complain to...directly that is... I have reported to the fbi but right now they are more concerned about what repercussions from Bin Lauden's death is than me...
    Headless Man

    Sorry for your problems, but won't it be wise to check with your local bank where they know you and not a website blog.
    With this statement:
    How can you do this?
    We have arrangements with a certain bank, that's all we can say.

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