Why is fidelity so important?

    There is a differance between love and lust... Why is it that sexual fidelity is so important?

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    simply! one of gods gifts to us is the gift of companship.marriage is the union of one man one women.. when we violate that law we are are destroying what god has santified.cheating is s double edge sword it rips our soul down the middle i wouldn't want my wife to cheat the heart break alone would be overbearing, so why would would i do it to her! lust is desire gone out of control, love dosent keep track of ones wrong doing

    Love is a beautiful thing... more ppl should know it well.
    Fidelity is important to those who believe it is important to them in their relationship. Some people, like me and our friends, generally, don't see fidelity as much of an issue. I understand its historic significance and how that significance fades. But I can say I'm more likely to change my automotive fuel source than my companion.

    I am not sure that is saying much... LOL... I ahve friends in open relationships and those too that are cheaters... I see the temptation of experimenting. But dont know how someone could live with that decision. I would think it would eat away at them.. That is prob. why they tell me.

    If i felt like I was getting away with something or cheating then I would not do that. Guilt, is another thing we should examine closely ...Ill call it "Guilt mechanics"
    Jenn not to change the subject but let me know how close my gustimate of your description is?

    To me the answer to this question come down to a very simplistic answer, "TRUST"... If you don't have trust or if you shatter the TRUST of your partner, you have no relationship. If you have a guilty conscience about being unfaithful ((Which all of us should,)) your partner is going to pick up on it eventually. TMO

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