The number forty in the Bible

    What is the significance of the number forty in the Bible? For Noah it rained forty days and forty nights, Moses led his people through the wilderness for forty years, and Jesus fasted for forty days while being tempted by Satan.

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    40 is also the number of weeks of a typical pregnancy. There are alot of numbers that are significant in the bible and most have a pagan origin. Afterall, Christianity absorbed nearly all of Paganism, excepts it's Goddess.
    I don't know about forty, but I do know about 666.

    I don't know what you "know" about 666, but it doesn't have anything to do with the devil, if that's where you were headed. Christianity wants you to believe that myth.

    Oh, okay.
    The ancient calendar was "A year and a day" 28x13 plus one day. It followed the pattern of the moon and women's cycles. There are 13 lunar months to a calendar plus the "extra" day. The seasonal changes were for planting and harvest and fertility of the land. Each season had it's own God and Goddess which were worshiped. The calendar changed when the sun became the focus of worship instead of the moon, because the sun has no specific pattern as the moon does.
    Because originally there was only 10 months in a October would have been the eighth not the tenth and forty days was supposed to represent a month..this all before we got clever,'cos they were a bit thick in those days..and seasonal changes gave dry and wet events...nothing sinister in any of it really.

    It looks like it's gunna rain for 40 days & 40 nights here at the moment.

    A thing to note about this number in Scripture. Is that of endurance.

    Your sister,


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