when I remarry, should I refer to my new husband's niece as my niece?

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    Yes.. his family is now your family... Help him keep a strong bond with them and you will have not only his respect but his families respect... If she is 18 tell her you are proud to now be her aunt.. She will dicide if she wants to call you Aunt Ginnywright.
    Yes, b/c the bible says man and wife are one. So his niece is your neice. When you introduce her to people , you should say, '' This is our neice ''.
    She is, but I would say it depends on if the new niece wants it if she has a strong opinion.
    Yes,because when you marry your husband to be, she technically will become your niece.Congrats!
    I'm sure she'd like it! She spends a lot of time with us on the weekends. She's 18. Thanks for your answer.

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