do children born with certain talents?

    or they learn everything after birth?

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    vahid ... i sure hope we get an answer to this. my brother is REALLY smart and got his Ph.D. in nuclear physics very young. me? i didn't go far at all. he's a lot older than me and had a lousy early life. mine was good. i sure don't know the answer to that. (i do have certain skills but they don't move me forward in life)
    what do YOU think?

    it might you dont use your certain skills that you have, while your brother used. definitely, your are smart like your brother but you dont study hard like him.
    Normally we use the word talent to describe an inborn ability such as an ear for music, organizational ability or effectiveness in public speaking. Talents are capacities for serving others given to us by God. But the term is forever associated with a famous parable of Jesus (Matthew 25:14-30). One person was given five talents; another, two talents; and a third, one talent, “each according to his ability” (Matthew 25:15). In the parable talent refers not to innate abilities but monetary currency like dollars or pounds. Strictly speaking, the parable is about how people invest money differently (see Investment). But few interpret this parable in terms of the stewardship of money, and for good reason. What we do with money and assets is a metaphor for what we do with ourselves.

    The parable of the talents raises a whole range of spiritual and theological questions. Are talents inborn abilities demanding fulfillment or God-given duties requiring faithful stewardship? Are we accountable not only to be true to ourselves but beyond ourselves to a significant Other? Why are some endowed with multiple talents and others with only one talent? Is our stewardship of talents (material or immaterial) directly related to our concept of God (Matthew 25:24-25)?Hope this helps...
    There are children who are born with certain talents. To determine what they are comes to them as no surprise. They will be drawn to it, excel at it, and alot will often teach it.

    However, there are others who are born to have to learn a talent. Will be taught it, be forced to do it, and may come to like it; and will often seek other thing to find where they fit in.

    Your sister,

    There are many examples of children who exhibit talents that could not have been learned after their birth - not in this lifetime anyway. See Mozart and for a current example see Akaine - just google her name and then check out her art and her story.

    Human infants are completely helpless at birth and remain so for longer than any other creature on this planet. A human is totally dependent on other humans for its existence and to remain alive for its first many years of life. A human cannot even hold up it's own head for months and usually doesn't walk or stand for years. Why do you thing humans are masters of the planet when we are so defenseless for so long at birth?

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