why is grass green

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    my four year old grandaughter asked me what kept the sky up there many times today. i should have tried to answer her.
    you tell me what keeps the sky up there and then i'll tell you why the grass is green. deal?

    "all plants that rely photosynthesis using chlorophil are green" i passed that on from talessa. you still have to tell me about the sky.
    Grass and most of the other plants are green because they contain a pigment known as chlorophyll. The chlorophyll is used in the process of photosynthesis where a plant produces sugar in the presence of sunlight. In fact the word 'photosynthesis' means literally to synthesize or 'make' from light (photo).

    There are, of course some plants which do not contain chlorophyll, and these generally get their nutrition (food) by other means. Some examples are the fungi which decompose dead, and sometimes living, tissue, for their food. You will find that a green plant needs light to make food. If the source of light is cut off, the plant dies.

    Mushrooms, which are fungi, do not require light to make food (they decompose matter, as mentioned above) and you can find mushrooms growing in almost complete darkness. Hope this helps...
    ole hipster

    Oh yeah....I remember mushrooms from the 60's and 70's...Oh you didn't mean that kind of shroom?? sorry! (as she comments with dreamy recollections) LOL

    i read it over twice. i swear. i hope mimmzy did the same.
    mimmzy, you there?

    Lol, they put a special ingredient in the cattle feed to make sure it won't promote the growth of fungus, that's probably one of the things causing colon cancer...

    Probably some sort of fungicide. I thought you were going to say what kind of grass???
    because green grass is more appetizing!

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