Who is your greater power?

    When you are in your darkest moments & don't feel like you can go on or there is no one there for you, who do you turn to? At some point in our lives we realize that we do not have control over everything or almost anything, so who is the person (for you) that does? I know the obvious is God but just want to see if there are any other answers.

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    Hi Grandma!

    I hope you are not facing such a delimma in your own life.

    The answer, that I have found, is very simply as you stated: God. My answer is: Glory to God!

    My rule of thumb on such dark moments has not failed me: Fast for a number of days, Give away one thing you value much to someone who needs it, and honest and deep heartfelt prayer during every day of your trial. Ask what you will from the Spirit. When your request is offered, ask in Jesus' name. Remember: It is in God's hands, and that this too shall pass.

    That gets me thru it. I would recommend it for anyone. But, my way, may not be another's way.

    Your sister,

    Grandma in CA

    Hi Ginger,
    Loved your answer, I hadn't heard of giving away a valuable thing or fasting, but it can't hurt. Lord knows I have too many things & I could use to lose a few pounds! It's my son who is 2800 miles away, just had a baby & is acting like an A**. He is 22 & on this self-destructive path. He is so smart but very manipulative & selfish. I am hoping he will step up and be a man before he loses his fiance & his son. All I can do is pray & maybe i'll try your ideas. Thank you so much for the kind words. :o)
    God is my total power, But my wife is shure trying hard to also be one
    Jesus, synonymous to God.
    No other answer from my side.

    An almighty God who threw the stars into space and controls the inner workings of sub-atomic powers seems reliable enough to me!

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