whats the least you can pay for child support and how to do it ?

    what kind of lawyer can achieved that?

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    6 Answers

    Gotta love it. You're willing to pay for a lawyer but not your kids. Go get a vasectomy.
    ole hipster

    Clap...clap..clap..for you!
    Is there a reason you feel like you should not support your children? Why would you want to neglect them?
    A crooked ass lawyer with no conscience. Let me remind you that it is "YOUR CHILDREN" that your helping feed and clothe. Thats ignorant and selfish to punish them for the hate you have for your ex. Grow up and give your children what they need!
    Do you hate your children? Or do you hate the woman and are trying to get back at her for whatever happened to split you two apart...just don't take it out on the yonguns' they need you and your support, both financially and emotionally..I'm speaking from experience to have been on both sides of "that" fence...(:
    Another "Shit stain". We will raise your children, dead beat, by way of taxes.
    Just get out of here, please. I want to see NO MORE POST from you.

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