i had a dream that my friend came in my room and kissed me on the cheek and i woke up and she cut my throat what does this mean?

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    Your lucky to be alive after
    Hi Will,

    Dream opens with you sleeping. This indicates that there is something that you did not know before. Something you may not have recognized. Thus, closed eyes is closed off to something that is occurring around you.

    Someone entered your room. or rather, the way someone approaches someone, appears, or comes unto the dreamer. As this may be your "bed" room, it is a place of few things; Sexual appetite, rest and relaxation, and peace with ones self.

    Dream says, you were kissed. Interesting that kiss! Although a kiss is a press of the lips embraced in a caress. Things done with the lips often represent things said. Something very warm, kind, and lovely. Yet,
    Jesus was kissed on the cheek as a sign by his betrayer, that he is the target.

    However, you woke up, here! This indicates that you have become aware of something. Something may have occurred to you, but whatever it is, you now know it. Thus, the open eyes.

    So, what was it that you realized….

    Dream says: “She cut my throat.

    When a person cuts someone’s throat, they mean them no good. Must have hurt what you’ve realized her intentions towards you truly are.

    You should know what this means. This is where you left off with this matter. (“I woke up”) A friend of yours?

    Your sister,

    a pre-emptive strike is in order, punch her up the sideboards..
    Sometimes the things we eat before going to bed has a real effect on how we sleep and dream. if you ate something spicy or pizza or a heavy meal it can effect you into dreaming bad dreams. also if you have watched something in reviews and it had scary or murderous implications it will effect your dreaming. you know if you trust that person if you really don't your subconcious mind will portray things with people you are doubting and almost put them in dream because of doubts your having about this person. if in doubt let him or her along and don't take the chance.
    thank you that makes sense
    i should of been more specific im a guy my friends a girl.
    Watch out she will probably steal your partner or be cheating you somehow

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