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    Need help with this..

    I have a car in my name; but my boyfriend has been taking it for extended stays away. The insurance is in both our names. He couldn't get the car in his name, alone, because he didn't have a job; but he is also on the car note So, I've been paying for both the car note as well as the insurance for a number of months now. Payments are taken directly out of my account.

    Well, a couple of weeks ago, he got a job, but he quit it, yesterday.

    He decided he wanted to move out and he wants to take the car with him. Granted, he put the 2,000.00 down on it, but I've been making the payments.

    How can I own the car myself without him being able to take it from me?

    ((For my daughter))

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    this is a strange place to post refrigerator notes ... or notes to an attorney. are you lost? hey! it happens in this big world of internet.

    Well, I am fully aware that this is no legal venue. However, it is, as implied, a "question and answer" site. So, I posted the question seeking some answers. Hope we find what we're looking for. Regardless, we do know it will come down to a legal issue. So I figured: Why not ask!??

    Although we may look like it, we are not, indeed,fools.


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    Take for a visit to Judge Judy. She'll fix him.
    Remind shitbag that the car is in both names and any attempt to take it with him will result in his getting arrested. This is however an untruth. The car has his name on the registration, no cop will ever arrest him. Have someone disable the car, and drag his buns in front of a Judge. And another life lesson learned.
    apologies adreamer ... i gave you a rude answer. glad to see you are getting some answers. this place is coming alive!

    Go see a lawyer.  This isn't a dream but a nightmare, which we have no real solutions for!  If indeed as indicated, that your daughter is underage 18, the age of consent, dating a man older than age 18, this is a case of an adult taking advantage of a minor.  And YOU, as the parent, oh well, I won't even go there!! 


    I think you misunderstood her. Her daughter isnt the minor. Her boyfriend was cheating on her with a minor.
    Based on the facts that you've expounded, the car is clearly, legally yours. Was the $2,000.00 down payment legally noted or did he simply give you the money ? If the latter,the car is solely in your name. Period. If necessary, report the vehicle as stolen to the police. Proper documentation will corroborate ownership.

    More importantly, cut the scumbag loose.

    It was his income tax. They deposited into her checking account. They payment came out of her account to make the downpayment to the car dealer and insurance.


    Therefore, there is no "legal" link to the vehicle. Report a stolen vehicle, but consult a lawyer first.
    Adreamer2..are you trying to advertise or promote your dream interpretation website ( on THIS site?? As you said above "this is only a question and answer site"!
    I don't know where you live but in the U.S., if he's messing around with a 16 year old girl and he's over the age of 18 he can be arrested. You could remind him of this little fact.

    I am a mandated reporter in Riverside County California, and recently had a class on minor children and concentual sex. I was discusted to find out that it is not reportable for a child 13 and up to have consentual sex with an 18 year old. There is a 5 year difference allowed now. BUt if its more than five years like say 13 verses 19 then its reportable. So a 13 year old can be with an 18 year old and a 15 year old can be with a 19 year old.And if I remember correctly at the age of 15 or 16 it increases to a 10 year difference beforeits repoprtable .That doesnt mean its not against the law but they most likely wont prosicute . Sickning I know
    She has stated that both names are on the car note, so the answer is "no he cannot take the car" he must pay her off because her name is also on the note. Doesn't matter how much he pays her, but he must pay her and then she will sign the back of the registration "selling" the car to him only. Then of course, she will no longer be making payments on the car and will need to see that the bank stops any payments from her account.

    I dont know about any other state except Ca. But I know if the registration says her name "AND OR " his name instead of her name "AND" his name , she can go to DMV and just remove his name. Its simple. Aslo I'm sure the insurance policy has him as a secondary driver. She needs to call the insurance company aand remove him from the policy completly . As far as I know in all states its illegal to drive with out insurance, and he wont be insured.

    Im sure he has no proof that he put 2,000.00 in her account for a down payment ont he car, instead of the bills he hasnt been paying while he was unemployed. If it has to go to court she needs to add up all the unpaid bills  etc along with the car asking for repayment of half of everything including the payments of the car and insurance she's paid. And when the judge reads all you are asking for answer them " Your honor I'm willing  to settle for the car and drop the money he owes me  for his promise to pay  half of the the car payments , car insurance, house bills,etc.  I feel that is more than fair for him since I have made all the payments on the car,its  insurance and for  all the gas  put in the car used by him to drive the 16 year old girl hes been cheating on me with instead of looking for a  job like he said he was doing". 

    I'm sure once you add up all the bills food etc.  It will come to a lot of money . He will be asked if he's willing to except that offer or continue possibly being ordered to pay the money plus give up the car.

    You still need to remove his name off the insurance and registration if you can though.

    go kick his ass for her

    I don't know who too believe. So I wont comment. If it true what you say then bring your case to a Law officer.

    Trying to promote it on this site, no! Not my intention; if you see the name attached, it is because it is a part of a signature that I have used since last year. I've just grown very accustomed to signing off in this manner. I just always do, wherever I sign my name.

    Does it bother you, or is it against this quesion/answer site rules?

    Very interested in your reply.


    I don't appreciate the signature. We tend to be a little anonymous here. It does appear to be advertising.

    Car note is in her name only. Deposit was made as cash into her account.

    Also, we found out that he has been cheating on her with a 16 yr old girl. He has been taking the car to pick her up and drive her around.

    Is it time to tell her: Boolya!

    Your sister,
    ed shank

    Car belongs to her, period. If he takes it lock his ass up. Let the 16 yr old bail him out.

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