Why is cheese yellow?

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    Cheese is naturally not yellow. They add yellow dye to the cheese.
    Cheese is produced throughout the world in wide-ranging flavors, textures, and forms. Cheese come in different colors mostly food coloring!
    It might be the bacteria used to make the cheese.
    Cheese is a product of milk, rennet, bacteria, and sometimes a fat soluble coloring agent (called a lake). The less water there is in cheese the more yellow it will get, up to a certain point. About the yellowest a cheese can naturally become is the color of the rind of Parmesan. If a darker or more intense of color is required, a lake (often Annatto) is added during the cheese making process. While it is true that bacterial molds can add color to the cheese, in such cases as the white rind of Bries and as veins as in the blues, none will uniformly color the cheese.

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