Is the Peace working in Northern Ireland

    This is a question for people who live and work in Northern Ireland who remember and lived through the Troubles, from someone who lives in England. Since the Good Friday Peace Agreement have both sides of the community found it easier to live and work together or are there still problems under the surface that need to be dealt with? What do you think, have we seen the end of sectarian violence for good?

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    Do not live in N. Ireland or any part of the UK. Do remember all the bombings and violence between the IRA and English police. Since the GF Peace Agreement of 1998 The Republic of Ireland has been a sovern independent country with its own elected government. While England, Wales, N. Ireland and Scotland compose the U.K. Conflict between N. Ireland, Ireland and England has been a rarity and even with disagreement at times neither country has seen any violence prior to 1998. I believe we have seen the last of any English on Irelish violence as we have seen in the past.

    raider , i would not count on it, the yanks were suplying the ira with
    guns and money and support. in actual fact ,while i was out there we arrested
    a yank for suspected gun running and had him kicked out of ireland

    Its not a rarity it still going on as the english came over and took our homes land and jobs. I hate colonianism.

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