How soon will the dollar be devaluated and how much?

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    Since 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created the dollar has lost over 90% of it's value. Many people think this is part of the government, but they R about as Federal as Federal Express. It is a private bank. They R in charge of the economy, and look at it! They print up dollars out of thin air, buy treasury bonds and make $$ off that. Then lend money to big banks 4 nothing, who will lend it to U with interest. So they help J.P. Morgan&Bank of America among others, and the citizens of our great country get screwed again! Most of the government is corrupt, quite a few of our Senator's&Congressmen, Wall Street, etc. To see more about this go to WWW. Stansberryresearch. com and view the "end of America".
    Have you bought a gallon of gas lately, a dollar use to buy 3 gal. when I started driving.
    ole hipster

    WOW RP..that was a REAL long time ago! lol (:
    Headless Man

    Tell me about it, but only 50 yr. I can remember 30+ cent gas.

    I'm 55 y.o. and in Iowa where I was born&raised I can remember 20 cents a gallon.
    Headless Man

    You bought the cheep stuff, I had a
    ever dollar the goverment prints the dollar in your pocket loses its value emensley,eventually all money wont be worth the paper its printed on
    Gosh you mean to tell me it is not already devaluled?
    I believe that the dollar has been being devaluated for quite some time now...unless you live under a rock and don't know this (:

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