Soooo much pain!!!!!

    Does ice or heat help??
    It's hard for me just to rest.

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    I believe you have sciatica. Look it up on the net or google it. I've been plagued with it for years. It is the longest, largest nerve in your body and extremely painful, generally extends from the small of your back on one side, then down the leg sometimes all the way to the foot. Pain can be excrutiating and debilitating, burning, tingling, aching, you name it, it HURTS. Pain meds and/or muscle relaxers help, otherwise it tends to go away and come back need to see a doc to evaluate...any spinal issures in your past?..this can definitely lead to sciatica. I hope you can get sucks.

    Gayle McDaniel

    One more comment to help you and anyone else who may have the same problem:

    About 90% of the time, when feeling low back combined with referral pain down one leg or the other, the periformis muscle is likely the problem. If the above routine does not bring relief, then your next step would be an Osteopathic Dr. (D.O.), as they can do adjustments as well as reliable diagnostics and writing prescriptions.

    Pet Angels

    thanks to everyone for your help.
    You guys were right!
    My Doctor said exactly what you all have suggested.


    I agree good answer hipster, got my vote I have had problems with the sciatic nerve before, massage sometimes helps.

    Actually, it's more likely you are having issues with your periformis muscle. It runs from your tailbone to your hip, and you can usually find it by pressing that area with your finger until you feel a needly/firey pain. Heat will only give you temporary relief, and may likely make it hurt worse after you remove it. Ice is ok, but unless you've had a sprain or inflammation, it won't do much for this particular issue.

    To release the periformis and get it to relax, lie on your side with the bottom leg straight, a pillow between your legs, and the upper leg bent. Rest the upper leg on the pillow so that there is no strain on it, then reach back and, with thumb or palm, press into the muscle and hold it for 30 seconds, first near tailbone, then middle, then near hip. As you lift off the pressure, rub it in a circular motion. When finished with one side, massage entire area lightly, then turn and do the other side. This muscle is always a bit tender because we use it for almost everything we do, whether it's walking, running, or just standing. If you Google periformis you'll find a lot
    of helpful information. Hope this helps.

    Pet Angels

    Thanks so much for your help.
    I did exactly what you suggested, It really helped & I got some rest & sleep that really helped.
    Thanks so Much!!! :)

    ole hipster

    Great answer my friend!

    Find a good chiropractor. It did wonders for me.

    If a bump then ice will help

    What kind of pain, there are so many kinds and cures.

    Pet Angels

    Down the right side from lower back to back of knee
    Thank-you for replying to this pain.

    Headless Man

    Sounds like nerve pain, if it is laying still and ice and heat can help but not much.
    Get to a chiropractor and they can help but it just takes time. I've had this if it is nerve pain and took me a week to get over it but 1 visit to chiropractor made it bearable.
    Sorry I can't help more.

    Sounds like it could be serious, maybe have a friend take you to the hospital?

    Pet Angels

    I was afraid of that. Thats why I was wondering is there anything I could do on my own 1rst. Thanks so much for your reply


    I've had bad back problems, you need to go get checked out by a doctor, sounds like the nerve that runs down your leg.

    Icy Hot. Just don't put it on your crotch. YEEEOOOWW!!!!!!!!

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