slow thyroid

    does anyone know what the best diet for weightloss is for a slow thyroid would be.

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    Have you tried the medicine Synthroid to regulate you hypothyroidism? Well established and effective medicine. My belief is eat a low carbohydrate diet and exercise as well. Best of Luck.

    coconut milk, and coconut oil. It could help. Simple, look it up! =]

    also there is an ancient remedy, hot water with honey in it, drink this three times a day. Or honey and cinamin.

    Rub the base of your big toes sole side referral pressure points for the thyroid gland

    There is no special diet for offsetting an underfunctioning thyroid. Just thyroid replacement medication which is a must. Good natural diet and exercise is the standard. Don't be fooled by all this internet hype about special formulas.

    Slow thyroid is reffered to as hypothyroidism. Has this caused you to have a problem with weight gain? I might can help you, email me at This could change your life.

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