Islam is a peaceful religion and when people say that it orders the killing of babies, oppressing woman, and all evil acts, this is not true. Do not judge the religion based on what people do.

    I converted to Islam and what people were saying about it that it orders the killing of babies, innocent people, women being oppressed, and not true. This is all the job of media. They portray what they get paid for. One essential way to learn about ISLAM and what it is and its principles, if you read the HOLY QURAN. Take the chance to read this holy book. Do not judge the religion by what some people do of evil acts. Why don't people take the chance to study Islam and read the Holy Quran before making any negative critcism?

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    that is s true, people just tend to believe what they want to believe, and ignoring everything of the original facts, rather than doing their own five minute research they just tend to again believe what they want to believe because it's easier, ignorance is bliss

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    ive read that 90% of muslems haven't read their own bible(the quran) you must be one of the lucky 10%


    where did you hear that fact from, and how do you know, did you ask them yourself or made it up?


    Many have read the bible but all abide by it some only being indoctrinated and as doublehelix says "ignorance is bliss" followed by 'Tis folly to be wise" a quote from poet Thomas Gray 18th Century -

    I don't have a problem with it as long as the truth is followed.... Jim Jones thought he was a Christian, too....

    Your out of touch with reality if you think this religion is peaceful. The Koran is as vile as Hitlers "Mein Kamf". Hope to hear from you after you've been indoctrinated and we'll see what your take is on the other religions of the world. "Death to the infidels".

    You can do what ever the world you want to. But the majority of americans dont want it here. You can take your sharia law and put it you know where. This thing about 69 virgins is BS. Who conned you to convert. Wont waste my time reading that. If you are in the USA , you have exposed yourself to being put on the list as part of security threat group.

    You should read the stories from people who are ex-Islamics. You would change your false religious thinking in a moment.

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