Why do politicians lie so much and still get away with it? They promise us the world when they want our votes but once they are elected, what do they say? Screw you guys. Isn't that true? And I think it should be like in anything else we elect them if they don't perform they way we expect them to we should be able to fire them as soon as possible. Politics to me, is occultism. But I guess the world is yet to know that. They are a bunch of leaders who will promise their followers heaven but they won't ever take you there. Tell me, if I am not right on this one!

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    nice answer Roger, and good question. Ronald Regan tried to take on the Federal Reserve and they put him in his place so to speak. It really isn't the politicians who are running the show completely. Yes they have some power, but it isn't as much as the public thinks.

    Yes they keep sticking it to the little guy. It's not right, maybe this two party system just cant stop fighting long enough to get anything done. I started out as a democrat, learned that they were to much for big government, switched to Republican, learned that they cant work with the Democrats, so now I'm Independent.

    No matter who you pick Washington doesn't get crap done, it's just the same old politics as usual. It's a shame that's why this country is going down the toilet along with the rest of the world.


    I agree with U leeroy. When I was a young man U could call me pessimistic. I really believed in what politician's said. I thought they would want a better&stronger country and we all would have equal rights. I will be 55 y.o. next month and I have turned cynical. This is because the people that I voted 4 have destroyed the U.S. and the Wall Street fiasco was the icing on the cake!

    All politicians are self-serving deep down inside. Michelle Bachman is the rep for my district, and has never done one thing for us. Now she wants to be president? When we take away their lifelong benefits and pay, and get back to volunteering for government service, as PUBLIC SERVANTS, then we will see real change and become the country the founders realized it could be.

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    Sure it does. Because they're careless.


    Wow sucks to be a politician I guess LOL

    In politics, nothing happens by accident.If it happens,that is because it was planned
    to happen exactly as it has happened. (Franklin Delano Roosevelt)

    Take a little time to think about the quote above and you will clearly see what is going on.

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