Why not? And if it's true we are in the same image as God who most of us believe in, why do we hate each other so much? We should put aside all our differences,be it race, colour, religion,education,standard etc aside and come together and show one another true love. And the world will be a better place. I wanna add to it that, if the need be let's get rid off every kind of religion and politics. Let's give them a boot out of our lives and then see what happens. Eh folks!

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    No, one can believe in God and keep God within themselves without an organized or even disorganized religion that promotes it's own ideas of God.


    Well Papa, it aint gonna happen! At least not until Jesus returns and puts an end to it once and for all.


    To kick religion out wouldn't you have to kick God out?


    Vinny, what I meant here is that we should give religion and politics a kick out of our lives if possible. Because to me, these two aspects are doing mankind more bad than good . Isn't that true?



    'Make peace with one another'
    Then I see...
    "lets give them a boot out of our lives and see what happens. Eh Folks?"

    So? What you are saying is that we need to boot everyone that doesn't think like you do?? That sounds more like an invitation to war, not peace. It's that kind of thinking that started the war in Europe in the 1930's

    (continued below)


    (continued from above)
    My personal thoughts are just quit meddling in everyone else's business. Allow those that disagree enough rope to hang themselves, if they are wrong, time will tell. I am not a liberal but I don't see why we are involving ourselves in 3 wars now, although, there's not much we can do about it at this point other than ride it out.


    Papa,No doubt politics and religion has been a PITA but neither will go away, we do have choices though, we can elect what politicians we have and we can choose the faith of our choice or choose not to have religion. If we didn't have a judicial system we would have no laws, therefore we would have anarchy and I don't think this is a good idea either. I honestly believe that before a person can vote they should be required to take an exam that would validate their understanding of the situations confronting us.Even a simple US history test. Too many people voting for the person not the issues

    papa peg

    FOG I'm sorry If I offended you.I'LL just kick back a keep my mouth shut.

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    Psalm 34:14 - Depart from evil and do good; Seek peace and pursue it. God wants us to live in harmony with one another.

    Stuff happens, and people cannot hold themselves responsible for their actions and play the Blame Game.

    The very fact that there is no peace proves the bible is true. Jesus said there would be no peace until He comes back and puts a stop to all the hatred. All who hate Jesus will be destroyed, all who love Him will be saved. There is only one God and One Mediator between God and man, Christ Jesus. God's love is freely offered to all through Jesus Christ alone, those who reject this love will not be spared.

    Cultures are different and the only people I know that loves all are Christians and their missionaries. Love, Randy


    Randy such intolerance, is the very reason the world is in chaos! The evil of fundamentalism ahd its tryannous ignorace!! "In my Fathers House there are many mansions, if it were not so I would have told you"


    Leeroy - Randy I have cast my pearls and you cannot hear, intolarence always comes from ignorance of the Truth, you are blind and you cannot hear, as of the Pharsees. You have much to learn and the hard way. May God bless your journey with enlightment is some life time. :) Fairwell.


    Randy you know better,(Hummm. .maybe not, then that is ignorance)LOVE IS ALL ! Shame on you, for you are now apparently trying to throw your guilt on Gabalis for your most discriminating remark, "THE ONLY PEOPLE I know THAT LOVES ALL ARE CHRISTIANS and their missionaries!" There aremany Godly people in the world, beloved of God. Therefore this statemant is worse than ignorant, it is down right evil, for it engenders hate among people. It is symptomatic of the hard closed minds and hearts of fundamentalists. You knew I was not defamimg love but refering to that dastardly statemnt.


    Leeroy, you are obviously just the peanut gallery, to whom one need pay no note.


    The fact is though there are many true and loving Christians, sadly most are just church people, not True Christians just sunday churchy people, the ,"just in case people." God's Son "the Christ" speaks the truth through many and different traditions, for they will all speak the language of Love (Christos)and Peace (the Father). The True Seeker is awakened to the truth understanding HIM who is within. Thus is he given to understand all that his heart desires in God. Therefore will he seek and seek and seek. This is the Holy Path.


    I do not believe that. We are all equally guilty of the state of things in the world today whether religious or not. I think the religious are even worse.

    Headless Man

    My church sends missionaries all over the world and shows love to all cultures and all people. They help medically and spiritually also. Love, Randy

    Headless Man

    <a href="/users/2973/gabalis/">@Gabalis</a>, Giving love to all is ignorance? Not me. Love, Randy

    Headless Man

    My statement was "only people I know that loves all are Christians and their missionaries"

    Headless Man

    My statement was "only people I know that loves all are Christians and their missionaries" and I will stand by that. I didn't say there weren't others. Sorry you were offended by my statement. Seems you have a problem if you think I have much to learn the hard way. I am 63 and have gone through a lot more in my life than you could imagine. but am still learning. I know the truth JESUS is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. Some of my life history is in my profile. Love, Randy


    Funny thing,<a href="/users/2973/gabalis/">@Gabalis</a>, your message of tolerance is intolerant of Randy's answer, I am just pointing out the obvious.

    Because it would but a REAL DAMPER on the worlds weapons industry.


    Hi TSC,

    You are right on the target.We have to realize that war is a business
    like any other business and it`s the most profitable business in the

    The human race isn't capable of making peace with one another.


    The Human aspect of Man is Divine, and most capable. It is mankind part that would seem incapable, as it is the animal part; the sensual body enslaved to worldly desires, ravanous and greedy. The "Man-'kind' of animal," with a conscious mind as well as the mind of nature. Humanity is the higher Spiritual aspect of Man "kind," and its everlasting possibility in man. Few realize the fullness and meaning of its word sake, 'To be Humain." This is to be a True Man!

    For they are sheep, conditioned to the ways of this world, programed from birth.

    life has great lessons.. there must be negative energy, and positive energy.. there must be harmony and chaos.. there must be a choice or the lesson will not be learned.

    It can never be that easy. There will aleays be contradicting intrests which can not always be contained in negotiations


    Indeed, it is not easy, to over come the ways of the world, if it were we would not need his world to evolve. It takes a sincere, inward, heartful searching, this is Intuitive. There are many books and guides along the way, but in the end it must consumate in ones own revelations, epiphany then words, ones own light, then may he speak confidently and with authority given from above. "For wide is the road and narrow is the gate and there be few that enter in." By this may we champion the truth as we may with what we are given, in His name that is Truth.

    Because our masters don't want it that way. If there was global peace there would be no money to be made. No matter how much individuals say I love you to each other it doesn't matter with respect to these global wars. Go to the middle east and tell one of them you love them. For one since you don't speak their language and vise versa he has no idea what you just said. Next, expect that he is going to kill you because he has been programed by his media that you are there to take away his liberties. Its the same story when middle eastern people come to North America. The only difference is we don't kill them we take them aside for a "random" search because they might be what?...Terrorists trying to take away our liberties that they are supposedly jealous of. And where do you hear all of this?...The media.

    Organized Religion!


    Indeed, one must transcend the "righteous" of ones priests and ministers if one would gain entery into the treasury of the Light Kingdom.

    Let's all take ourselves back to the 60's era . Flower Power, Love ins etc. Play music like Scott McKenzie: San Francisco, San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair).

    because we havent come to the point of loving one another according to gods word,learning to love one another is a start, its not done in one day it takes a whole lifetime on everybodys part, its a mighhty task, but the day is coming when that will all change,and become a reality,,myranatha.

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