When will the politicians in African change their greediness and mismanagement ways so that the people of this land of vast natural resources get a better life? Because to me, all of them are morons. And they keep producing more morons to take over from them, because the kids of these dictators and crooks are the ones who get good education and become the next governors. And I think that, for the rest of the world to respect Africa and its people we should respect ourselves first and show some responsibility so that we are not seen as irresponsible bunch,inferior, uncivilized or animals and not human beings.And it's been too long being where we are still. The 1st step to me, is to change our mind-set. Then start shifting gears just as the way we have to shift gears to get vehicles to move. Our leaders should invest more in technology than in secondary. Because development and improvement are more of technical than they are secondary. Oh, and I forgot to mention that only we can change our destiny to make our lives better and prosperous and nobody else. No amount of aid, in money or food can can change the situation we are in. But it seems that the people of Africa, especially the politicians who are in charge of the affairs of the continent are not willing to change. Dictatorship and socialism = communism is not a good political idea. It breeds corruption and suppression. Just look at Russia! Because history shows that when the colonial rulers left Africa, things were working okay until Russia decided to get allies from the continent to compete with the west. Especially, with the U.S.A.

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    The African continent has vast untapped potential. Its also wracked by wars, poverty and diseases seen no where else in the world. Educating its populations is a good start, but ancient tribal disputes and crooked politicians continue to plaque any progress in many areas. Throw in an AIDS epidemic that's killing off many of the people that ARE educated and your looking at even more despair. So, what do we (the world) do? Throw more money into a bottomless pit? The worlds got other problems, so I believe Africa will continue to be the RECTUM OF THE PLANET for many years to come. Sorry for the cheerful news.

    Africa has more natural resources then the US could ever dream of having. So why is Africa a poverty,disease,war stricken, dump of a country compared to the US ??? and here is the obvious and non politically correct answer...**AFRICANS ARE UNCIVILIZED VIOLENT IGNORANT PEOPLE!!!

    Sorry for stating the obvious truth....and now let the unwarranted accusations of racism begin!

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